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The following provides a brief overview of the basic lash sets offered at
Candy LashesWe offer lashes in a variety of colours, lengths, thicknesses and curls! We are excited to customize lash applications to suit YOUR individual sense of style!  Get ready to Flirt, Flutter...& Flaunt!



Before any Eyelash Extensions


Just a light touch - Perfectly Flirty! 
Approximately 25 lash extensions per eye.
45-60 minutes

**Our Price: $45                    Compare at: $90


Just pretty enough without compromising its subtlety.
Concentrated on the outer corners, blended inward to create a perfectly 'Natural' look.
Approximately 35 lash extensions per eye.
60-75 minutes.

**Our Price: $65                    Compare at: $125


A great starting point for those who want a little more, but not yet too dramatic.
Approximately 55 lash extensions per eye.
75–90 minutes.

**Our Price: $105                    Compare at: $190


Long, Lush, Glamorous Lashes!
Approximately 75 lash extensions per eye.
90–120 minutes. 

**Our Price: $145                    Compare at: $255


Drama, Drama...Drama!  No, this is definitely not the same model. She has approximately 110 lashes per eye!  Because we can only apply one extension onto one natural eyelash (due to weight - we care about your natural lashes!), not everyone has enough natural lashes to achieve this look. If this is the look you're after, we recommend that you book for a Glamorous Set first, and our experienced technician will advise whether or not you have sufficient natural lashes to support it. 
Approximately 100+ lash extensions per eye.
120-150 minutes. 

**Our Price: $195                    Compare at: $375


What's better that having a great set of lash extensions?
Complementing them with lower lash extensions, of course!!!
Up to 20 lash extensions per eye.
30-60 minutes. 

**Our Price: $45                    Compare at: $75

Touch Ups 

NOTE: Includes clean up of loose extensions for returning CandyLashes* clients.
**New full set may be required if lashes are not maintained within a 4 week period

- $25.00

30 minute appointment - Up to 15 lashes per eye.
(within 1 week of last fill appointment)
REGULAR - $40.00
45 minute appointment - Up to 25 lashes per eye.
(within 1-2 weeks of last fill appointment)

LONG - $60.00
60 minute appointment - Up to 35 lashes per eye.
(within 2-3 weeks of last fill appointment)

EXTENDED - $80.00
For when your lashes need a little 'extra' attention...we've all been there!
75 minute appointment - Up to 45 lashes per eye
(within 3-4 weeks of last fill appointment)     

BOTTOM LASH Touch Up - $20.00
30 minute appointment
(as required)         


Removal of CandyLashes - $20.00
Removal of Other Salon lashes - $35.00
Removal of CandyLashes* followed by new full set - FREE!

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