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 At Candy Lashes, we are passionate about providing the BEST semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions to clients throughout the Durham Region - including Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Brooklin & Bowmanville.  Pamper yourself with the hassle free beauty of individual eyelash extensions today! 

Every new client receives an aftercare package, which includes detailed information about how to care for and maintain your New Beautiful Lashes.  We also provide you with your own lash brush, and ask that you add our number to your cell phone ~ just in case you have ANY questions! ~
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What Are Semi-Permanent Individual Eyelash Extensions?

Semi-Permanent Individual Eyelash Extensions are a popular new service and product that both lengthen and thicken your own natural eyelashes.  Lash Extensions are single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash.  They are applied to each individual natural eyelash one by one for a natural, beautiful and luxurious look.  Eyelash Extensions are perfect for special occasions or for day to day wear.


What do Eyelash Extensions look like when applied?
With proper application (meaning one synthetic eyelash applied to one natural lash) the look and feel is completely natural. No one will know you have extensions. They will just think you were born with beautiful, long lashes!

How long will a set of Eyelash Extensions Last?
When applied properly, eyelash extensions will last the entire length of the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes - approximately 45-60 days.  Everyone's experience will be different based on your individual growth cycle, as well as your day to day activities.  Over all, touch ups should only be required every 2 to 3 weeks.  Following our aftercare instructions and using a quality lash sealer (available at CandyLashes) will maximize the life of your extensions.

How often should I get touch-ups?
We recommend getting a touch up every 2 to 3 weeks.  Your natural eyelashes fall off every 45 - 60 days due to the natural growth cycle and are naturally replaced with the growth of a new eyelash.  If you wait too long your eyelash extensions will fall out with your natural lash, and you will require a new, full set. Other factors such as exposure to steam or touching your eyes a lot may cause the extensions to fall sooner.  A touch up is needed to fill in any lashes that have fallen out and average about 45 minutes.

What should I do prior to arriving at my appointment? 
Preparation is paramount to the success of the application of eyelash extensions.  Prior to arriving at your appointment, we ask that you thoroughly remove any mascara or liquid eyeliner you may have on your eyes.  If not properly removed, the bonding agent may mix with the makeup residue, making it near impossible to apply lashes successfully.  Contact lenses must also be removed for the duration of the treatment.  We advise that you bring your contact lens case with you, so that you may store them while your lashes are being applied.  Contacts can be worn immediately following the procedure.

Can I apply mascara to Eyelash Extensions?
Yes, but you won't need to!  If you do chose to wear mascara, it must be water basedDO NOT USE OIL-BASED OR WATER-PROOF MASCARA. Waterproof mascara or any type of oil based mascara can dissolve the bonding agent and shorten the life of your eyelash extensions causing them to fall out sooner.  Care also needs to be taken in washing off the mascara. Use only oil free eye makeup remover.

Can I swim, shower, exercise, or visit a spa while wearing Eyelash Extensions?
Yes. The bonding agent we use is waterproof and allows you to shower, swim, exercise etc.  Special care is required but overall maintenance is low.  We do recommend however that you do not get your new eyelash extensions wet for the first 12- 24 hours after the eyelash application.

Can I use eyelash curlers with Eyelash Extensions?
We do not recommend using mechanical eyelash curlers on your eyelash extensions as these curlers will damage the extensions and possibly your own natural lashes.  The extensions do have a natural curl, but if more of a curl is required we recommend using a heated eyelash curler. 

How do I take care of my new Eyelash Extensions?
Following your treatment, you will receive a detailed aftercare package.  Basic aftercare consists of the following:
  • Do not get the lashes wet for 12 - 24 hours
  • Avoid hot steam or saunas
  • Do not rub your eyes
  • Only use water based eye makeup removers and mascaras
  • If applying mascara, do so from middle to tip - avoid root area
  • Do not perm your lashes
  • Do not use a mechanical eyelash curler
  • Do not pull on your lashes (may cause your natural lashes to fall out prematurely)
  • DO tell everyone who asks that they are your lashes - you bought them, they're yours!

Is it Safe?
The bonding agent is the most important component of the eyelash application procedure, due to its impact on the longevity of the eyelash extension.  Currently, the FDA does not regulate the practice of eyelash extensions because the extensions are applied to the natural eyelash and do not make contact with the skin.  However, great care must be taken when working so close to clients eyes.  At CandyLashes, the safety of our clients and that of the technician is our number one priority.  We have in place, a safety standards policy which we follow at all times and review regularly.  This includes:

  • the careful selection of the bonding agent we work with
  • sterilizing equipment before and after each treatment
  • protecting the eye area prior to commencement, with special (gentle) tape and eye pads
  • maintaining a clean and tidy work area, free of dust and clutter
  • carrying out a client health assessment for pre-existing conditions, allergies or product sensitivity that may in any way impact on the treatment
Contact us today to discuss semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions Oshawa, Whitby Ajax, Pickering, Clarington, Courtice,Brooklin -or to discuss semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions in your home - we're mobile in Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Clarington, Courtice and Brooklin!

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